2.3GW! France plans to launch tenders for photovoltaic projects in June.

The French photovoltaic industry association Enerplan and the Renewable Energy Federation (SER) recently announced that the French government intends to launch two tenders for the purchase of 2.3 GW of photovoltaic systems in June this year. These two industry organizations said in a joint statement that they welcome the French government's decision to launch a new round of tenders.

The French government explained that the 2.3 GW photovoltaic plant that will be tendered includes 1.5 GW ground mounted photovoltaic power plants and 800 MW rooftop photovoltaic plants. These photovoltaic systems are intended to compensate for the lack of installed capacity in the previous round of tenders for large photovoltaic power plants. In the last tender, there were only 7 successful bidders, who won a total of 115 MW photovoltaic systems. The final average price for the bids was €82.23/MWh ($89.73/MWh). Prior to this tender, there was also a significant lack of bids for ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants and rooftop photovoltaic systems.

The two industry associations stated that the French government's ongoing tenders will support the development of the photovoltaic industry in the country.

Daniel Bour, Chairman of Enerplan, said: "This could bring the French photovoltaic industry out of the shadow of the last bidding debacle." 

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