Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada recently called on other Democratic senators to join her in rejecting a joint opposition motion proposed by Republican senators, according to foreign media reports1. The motion seeks to lift a two-year moratorium on tariffs imposed by US President Biden1 on photovoltaic modules imported from four countries in Southeast Asia.

In an undisclosed memo to Democratic lawmakers, Rosen noted that lifting administrative orders suspending tariffs on photovoltaic modules in these countries could have potentially devastating effects on the US photovoltaic industry1.

The US Department of Commerce has decided to impose new tariffs on photovoltaic modules imported from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia following an investigation1. The two-year ban on levying tariffs on imported photovoltaic modules effectively prevented this measure1. The US government is trying to give more time for the exhibition of the country's photovoltaic industry while building a domestic photovoltaic supply chain and continue to import photovoltaic products from these countries and regions1.

When the motion was filed on February 16, Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott, along with seven other Republican Senators, proposed the motion1. In December last year, the US Department of Commerce said it had preliminary determined that photovoltaic modules imported from these countries had evaded tariffs on Chinese-made photovoltaic modules, dealing a blow to the US photovoltaic industry1. The US Department of Commerce's final decision is expected to be made on May 1 of this year1

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