Collection: Integrate BLUESUN into your life

We served tens of thousands of customers before our website was launched. You will find BLUESUN products worldwide. Below you can see how our customers use our products.

We started with high performance residential and commercial solar panels. As you can see, many clients in the US and Europe own a single home. It is a great idea to have a complete solar system on the roof to power the entire house. Laying solar panels on the roof is just the right angle to find the direct sunlight.

Our large area residential and commercial solar panels have been improved over generations. The performance has reached world-class levels. We now have an all black look. Has a more beautiful appearance than solar panels on the market

We also offer a range of products including: inverters, solar controllers, batteries, power banks, etc.

Our high-performance inverters are suitable for commercial buildings and private households. Superior performance.

Another product from us. 100W foldable solar panels are equally versatile. You can take it anywhere you camp or travel. It can be propped on grass or placed on the roof of your car to bring you energy